Arrive and feel right at home – that’s what MILESTONE Living offers with its exclusive living concepts for students, young professionals, and those enjoying their retirement. Consisting of ultra-modern and architecturally sophisticated apartments with designer bathrooms, all-in rent and all-round service, it is living at its finest, door to door with like-minded people.


MILESTONE Living offers optimal living space concepts for new chapters in life. Be it for students who live together in our MILESTONE Student Living houses, or young professionals climbing the ladder who are best suited to our MILESTONE Urban Living concept. For those aged 65 and over, we offer our MILESTONE Silver Living houses, a concept where the benefits of age-appropriate community living can be enjoyed – MILESTONE Living apartments are not simply buildings, but homes for a diverse and open community.


Together, we are there for you at every milestone of your life.

MILESTONE Student Living

Connect and have the time of your life together – MILESTONE Student Living is the home base for adventure and inspiration. Universities, public transportation and vibrant city life are right on the doorstep of our modern homes. With MILESTONE Student Living, you’ll find the perfect place that combines the best of both worlds: the certainty of a safe and customisable retreat that at the same time gives residents the freedom to discover new things and really live it up. All this within a vibrant city and a cool MILESTONE community – for the best aspects of student life.


Residents can choose between an apartment of their own with plenty of privacy or a community apartment in which the bathroom and kitchen are shared. A special highlight is our MILESTONE Passport, which allows residents to spend up to two weeks per year in another MILESTONE city for free.

MILESTONE Urban Living

Inspired by diversity, integration, social responsibility and exchange, MILESTONE Urban Living is more than just a living option for progressive young professionals. It is a lifestyle, perfectly tailored to the needs of young professionals, digital nomads and innovators. In fully furnished MILESTONE Urban Living designer apartments, professionals can relax, focus on the job in peace and enjoy their new city. The apartments are studios or open lofts, modern and highly digital. The common areas feature mixed-use offerings such as co-working spaces, retail stores and F&B areas. The design of the properties is forward-thinking, digitally enhanced and encourages social interaction.

MILESTONE Silver Living

Self-determined, varied, individual and active – this is what life at MILESTONE Silver Living is all about. The serviced community living concept offers the opportunity to shape one’s life into old age in the way that the residents envision. A community manager provides a balanced program of activities with plenty of scope for health, culture and enjoyment – always adapted to the individual needs of the community. Our MILESTONE Silver Living homes feature attractive urban locations that are close to green spaces and offer a wide range of cultural and leisure activities, as well as excellent infrastructure. With the Biophilic Design approach, we also focus on sustainable architecture and use natural materials, lots of greenery, and design our rooms to be open and bright. We offer all the prerequisites for an active and fulfilling life through barrier-free, partially furnished apartments that include a balcony, kitchen and bathroom, as well as a range of extensive additional services.

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