Student Living

Are you a student or a young professional? Are you starting a new chapter in your life? Do you fancy something new and exciting, a vibrant city and a cool community? And, above all, do you want to live the way it suits you – with lots of privacy in your own private apartment, or in a community apartment sharing the bathroom and kitchen and some good laughs, but having your own room as a retreat? All of this including a designer bathroom, all-inclusive-rent and full services? That’s exactly what our mission is.


We make more out of the best time of your life; we set a milestone. MILESTONE.


With MILESTONE, you are many things, but certainly never alone. We are a place for networking, for exciting stories and extraordinary encounters, where residents become friends. Meet up in the Learning Lounges, the in-house gym , the party room, the living-room lobby or on the roof terrace. Growing together, making international contacts. Grab your opportunity!


MILESTONE is the home base for your adventures, your inspiration. You and the city, you and your apartment, you and us. So that you can experience everything under the sun: universities, public transport and a vibrant city life are right on your doorstep. MILESTONE – for the most beautiful sides of your life as a student or a young professional. Throughout Europe.

Come Home

Coming home is more than a feeling for us. It is the certainty of being in the right place at the right time, a place where you can be safe and comfortable, where you can rest and then set off again at full throttle; an uncomplicated, stress-free place. That’s why we’ve thought of everything in the design of the MILESTONE apartments – from the pantry kitchen to the designer bathroom.

Award winning operator

We are pleased to announce that in November 2020 we have been selected “International Operator of the Year” by Property Week Student Accommodation.


The jury was particularly impressed by our MILESTONE Passport Programme, which allows residents to spend up to two weeks a year at another MILESTONE location of their choice and our Interhouse Tournament, both of them unique initiatives demonstrating our internationality and community sense.

MILESTONE Student Living

Are you a student, in a new city for the first time and looking forward to the best time of your life? Then it’s time to set your next milestone! With your home base at MILESTONE, you’ll live in your own fully-furnished design apartment, save yourself the time-consuming search for a home and meet people you can network and make new friends with. Often, they’ll be friends for life.


Do you have more questions about MILESTONE Living or are you interested in in working with us? Then simply send us your request in the contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.